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Nudgestock: Patrick Fagan – Cambridge Analytica

14 June 2020

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By far the most interesting talk at this year’s virtual Nudgestock was by Patrick Fagan, ex Cambridge Analytica head psychologist, now partner of Capuchin. You can watch the whole talk […]

SEO Experiment:

2 March 2020

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The internet is a funny place. In the olden days of websites, people would create sites and blog about things that particularly interested them or in which they had knowledge […]

Finding an Online Niche for Your Business

5 February 2020

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In this post we’ll look at finding great terms to optimise your business website for, based on real search data from the SEM tool Ahrefs. Why this is important I […]

Creating Websites For Conversion

14 January 2020

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Most websites, especially small business websites, are poorly designed. That might not mean that they don’t look good (and I’m certainly not saying that great design isn’t crucial), but it […]

Using a blog to improve your Google ranking

7 November 2019

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After on-page SEO (see The 2 Steps to On-Page SEO ), the next most important factor in climbing the Google rankings is the number of inbound links to our page […]

5 Rules for Growing Your Business Using Facebook

7 November 2019

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Many businesses try to promote themselves using their Facebook page, but what should you do to go about using your Facebook page to find and keep customers? Note – this […]

5 Things You Must Put on Your Website

4 November 2019

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So you’ve decided to create a website for your business, but what information do you need to put online? It’s important not to miss anything important that should go on […]