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Finding an Online Niche for Your Business

5 February 2020

Categories: Digital Marketing, Hints and Tips, SEO

In this post we’ll look at finding great terms to optimise your business website for, based on real search data from the SEM tool Ahrefs. Why this is important I […]

A Coder’s View of a Hacked WordPress Site

28 January 2020

Categories: Coding, Hints and Tips, Technical

My client got every web owners worst nightmare when she received this email from her hosters, telling her that her website had been taken offline for containing malicious files: They […]

Creating Websites For Conversion

14 January 2020

Categories: Design, Digital Marketing, Hints and Tips

Most websites, especially small business websites, are poorly designed. That might not mean that they don’t look good (and I’m certainly not saying that great design isn’t crucial), but it […]

Adding Social Icons to Elementor Menu

9 January 2020

Categories: Coding, Design, Elementor, Hints and Tips

Elementor Pro is great, but one of the things it won’t let you do natively is add your social icons to the menu. We’re going to see how to do […]

Never trust a screenshot

3 January 2020

Categories: Hints and Tips

Fake screenshot alert! How to change content on a webpage in seconds, using nothing but the Chrome browser

Using a blog to improve your Google ranking

7 November 2019

Categories: Digital Marketing, Hints and Tips

After on-page SEO (see The 2 Steps to On-Page SEO ), the next most important factor in climbing the Google rankings is the number of inbound links to our page […]

5 Rules for Growing Your Business Using Facebook

7 November 2019

Categories: Digital Marketing, Hints and Tips

Many businesses try to promote themselves using their Facebook page, but what should you do to go about using your Facebook page to find and keep customers? Note – this […]

2 Steps to a Great Colour Scheme

4 November 2019

Categories: Design, Hints and Tips

A colour scheme might seem trivial, but the colours that we choose for a site or for a brand have an important role to play in the image we project […]

5 Things You Must Put on Your Website

4 November 2019

Categories: Digital Marketing, Hints and Tips

So you’ve decided to create a website for your business, but what information do you need to put online? It’s important not to miss anything important that should go on […]