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There are million things that could go into marketing your business online. I don't try to offer every possible service you might need, but focus on areas which fit with my skills and experience.

The first step is always to find the right solutions for your unique situation. Coming top of Google might be a game-changer for an emergency locksmith, but no-one is going to follow them on Facebook.

If you need something that isn't listed here, try me. At the least I can probably give you advice and point you in the right direction.

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Email Marketing

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I get a lot of my own business through email marketing

After word-of-mouth, I get most of my own business through cold email campaigns. I am experienced in finding the right leads, and in crafting the type of emails that lead to new customers. Cold email campaigns are best suited to B2B sales, preferably with a clearly-defined niche audience.

If you have an opt-in mailing list (e.g. a Mailchimp list), I can also help you manage this profitably, from inticing new sign ups to creating emails that convert subscribers to sales.


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I write clear and persuasive copy

Copywriting is my main non-technical skill. I will develop the feel and voice that resonates with your target audience, and communicate your message clearly and professionally.

I write website copy, press releases, blog posts, display adverts, flyers, and longer copy such as ebooks. I am also experienced with ASA compliance and approval.

Graphic Design

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I can help you with digital and print design

My primary graphics skill is in designing websites. I design attractive sites that communicate your brand effectively.

I am also good at designing flyers and display advertising, and am experienced in other areas including display boards, window graphics, etc.

My skills lie in the clear visual communication of information. Wherever this is the main purpose of the design, I'm likely to be a good choice.

Why Work With Me

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I offer versatile help without any tie-in

I'm a great marketer, experienced web developer and designer, and have a proven SEO track record too.

I don't believe in expensive tie-ins, talking bullshit or spending more time writing you reports than actually doing something.

I can help with anything from a quick website fix to an ongoing SEO or marketing campaign.

I work by the hour, project or retainer as suits your needs.

Social Media

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Understanding social media is crucial to its success

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to outsource their social media too soon. Your social media needs to be personal, which means posting yourself and showing different aspects of your life and business.

Social media isn't one of my main services, but I can give you advice on which channels to use, how to grow your following and leverage it to make sales.

Free Web Review

In a free half-hour video call we'll look at your current website and search engine performance. We'll discuss all the things you want to know but didn't know who to ask, and talk about the best way forward.

No obligation, no hard-sell. Promise.

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Discuss anything you want in a free half-hour video call

Rather Just Pick Up The Phone?

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You can also reach my by phone, or send an email from my contact page. I'm always happy to chat and talk about your ideas. Give me a call and we'll speak today.

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