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Good SEO copywriting will help your website to rank high on Google, whilst also converting visitors into sales. If your page needs to rank high on search engines whilst also being appealing and engaging to users, SEO copywriting is what you need.

I'm based in London and write professional SEO copy for clients across the UK.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

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SEO copywriting is writing website text that will boost your Google ranking

SEO Copywriting means to write text for your website that will help you to rank higher on Google.

Someone who writes SEO copy is often called a Web Copywriter or Digital Copywriter.

I write professional SEO copy for clients in London and all over the UK. I can advise you on good SEO copywriting, and offer digital copywriting services for your website or other media.

How is SEO Copywriting Different to Copywriting?

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To write SEO copy you need to be both a good copywriter and a good SEO

Writing text that appeals to search engines isn't the same as writing text that only appeals to humans.

First we do keyword research to discover what terms our audience is searching for, and decide which ones are the most fruitful to target.

We then write text that is optimised for these terms, ensuring that the search phrases we're targeting appear with the right frequency and at the right places in the text.

Google knows that most people are searching for information, so answering common questions about the keywords can also help our ranking.

Web Services for London

I am based in London Waterloo

I've lived in London for 20 years and am based in Waterloo.

I work for clients all over the UK, but most of my clients are based right here in London. It's always good to be able to discuss projects in person, and I'm happy to meet London clients at a convenient location.

I work for a wide range of businesses in different sectors, and different sizes from sole traders to larger companies.

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Technical SEO

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There is a large technical side to SEO copywriting

There's more to writing good SEO copy than simply writing the text. Webpages are made up of HTML code containing a lot of information which the viewer can't see.

Many of these unseen elements of the page are crucial for SEO, so we have to ensure our keywords are also placed in them correctly. This includes in the title tag, meta tags and image alt tags.

There are other unseen elements which control how the page is viewed on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and these should also be optimised for our keywords.

To write good SEO copy takes not only good copywriting skills, but also a complete understanding of the technical elements of a webpage.

Why Work With Me

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I offer versatile help without any tie-in

I'm a great marketer, experienced web developer and designer, and have a proven SEO track record too.

I don't believe in expensive tie-ins, talking bullshit or spending more time writing you reports than actually doing something.

I can help with anything from a quick website fix to an ongoing SEO or marketing campaign.

I work by the hour, project or retainer as suits your needs.

Outbound links

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Google prefers websites with useful outbound links to other resources

To rank pages well on Google it's also important to include outbound links to other websites.

It can seem counter-intuitive to add links to other websites when we are trying to drive traffic to our own site, but Google prefers websites which are a useful hub of information, and will rank pages which link to other related resources higher as a result.

Part of SEO copywriting is to find pages on other websites which are related to the search but aren't in SEO competition with the page we're optimising for, and create natural-feeling links to those pages in the text. Cross-linking to other pages on the same website is also important.

My SEO copywriting services

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I offer professional SEO copywriting for your website

I offer professional SEO copywriting services for your website or blog.

I will help you find the right keywords to target for your market and resources, and write quality SEO copy to rank for them.

I'm an experienced web developer and will ensure the technical elements of your SEO optimisation are correctly in place, as well as writing copy that appeals to both Google and to your customers.

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Link Building and Authority

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Google likes you better if you're popular

As important as it is, there's more to ranking your page than simply writing great SEO copy.

The other crucial factor is your website authority, which in a large part means how many other websites are linking to it. The more links you have, the more important Google considers your website to be, so link-bulding is another important part of any SEO strategy.

A website with low authority can't target all the same keywords as a high-authority site, which is why good keyword selection and planning is essential.

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