Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website rank higher in Google search.

Everything begins with research and evaluation. Some business are entirely based on SEO, whereas for others the opportunities are too small or too expensive to be worthwhile.

I improve Google rankings for my clients, and offer a free, no-nonsense assessment of your SEO opportunities.

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Organic SEO

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Organic SEO ranks you in international Google search terms

Ranking in organic Google page results is for websites which target a national or international audience, such as a blog or online store. There are 3 parts to doing this successfully:

1. Identifying target keywords
2. Creating content and optimising for those keywords
3. Building inbound links and website authority

I will advise on acheivable goals for your website. I will create and implement a strategy to achieve them, with measurable results.

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Weaving Success

How I took Archipelago Textiles to the top 5 on Google

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Local SEO

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Google handles searches for local businesses differently

Google works differently for bricks-and-mortar businesses who serve only one area, such as garages, plumbers, etc.

Google local search is set up to prevent one company outperforming everyone else just because they have a larger budget. After optimising your site for local SEO, a lot of the ongoing work involves building good reviews and engaging your users.

I will explain your current position and opportunities. I will expand your local search reach, either as one-time project or on an ongoing basis.

Free Web Review

In a free half-hour video call we'll look at your current website and search engine performance. We'll discuss all the things you want to know but didn't know who to ask, and talk about the best way forward.

No obligation, no hard-sell. Promise.

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Discuss anything you want in a free half-hour video call

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