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Posted on 30 August 2021 by Chris Dann

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Website pricing is a funny thing. I’ve seen quotes for £30,000 to do what we do for £1,000, “coders” charging £150 per hour and subcontracting all the work to a £15ph freelancer, and people offering websites for £100 which they deliver unfinished and riddled with mistakes.

To come up with our pricing scheme, we spent a long time thinking about what our clients want and how to include essential services like hosting and SEO so our packages are all-inclusive and won’t leave you needing to pay for something else once the site is built, whilst at the same time not paying for any services you don’t need. We came up with the following 3 packages which cover the requirements of 99% of our clients.

Startup Website

This is our entry option designed for microbusinesses starting out on a low budget. You need a simple website to be found online, advertise your services and allow people to contact you. You need to know everything will be taken care of professionally and you won’t be trying to sort out hosting, SEO, SSL certificates or anything else once the developer has handed over the website to you. You want to spend the minimum possible.

With the Startup Website you get a simple 4-page website with limited customisation options, which gives you a professional online presence. You get one year’s simple hosting on our VPS and global CDN, SSL certificate, domain registration, email setup, and professional SEO for your business name and service, allowing you to start being found online with a solid SEO foundation you can build on further in the future.

This package is all about getting you online at a low cost without cutting any corners. You have the peace of mind that you have everything you need and a professional point of contact if you have any problems.

Why pick this option?

You want to get online cheaply whilst knowing that everything has been done correctly and professionally.

Why spend more?

You would look for a more expensive package if you need a larger website, a blog or online store, more customisable design, or more extensive SEO optimisation (i.e. beyond just your business name and service).

Premium Website

Here you have unlimited pages, optional blog and online store, and much greater design options.

A “theme” refers to a WordPress theme. All WordPress websites run a theme, which typically gives you a basic layout combined with page builder options, so you can create whatever website you like within the confines of that basic design – more versatile than the Template Based Website. We will help you find the right theme for your business, and you can also browse them yourself on websites like ThemeForest.

We carry out a comprehensive SEO review to look for opportunities for your business to rank for phrases people are searching for beyond your name and main service. For example, Jenny Jones Hair Salon would be optimised for “Jenny Jones” and “Hair Salon” in the Template package, but might be also optimised for “hair colouring”, “hair straightening”, “balayage” in the Theme package, based on what users are searching for. You’ll also get a personal report on your SEO landscape and what actions you can take to continue improving your rankings.

Also included is one year’s managed hosting, so as well as a fast hosting server and SSL certificate, we will set up login and “back door” security and secure automated daily backups. You get up to 30 minutes of developer time a month should you need any tweaks that only a developer can do, and if your website were ever to be hacked or go down we will restore it for free.

This package is perfect for the business that needs something graphically more sophisticated than a template site, a bigger site to advertise a range of services, comprehensive SEO to understand what users are searching for and their site to be optimised for a range of SEO terms to make the most of online opportunities. Managed hosting gives you the peace of mind that there is always a professional developer on hand to deal with any issues, and that you and your customers’ information is held securely.

A Theme Based Website might not be right for you if (a) we absolutely cannot find a theme you like, or (b) you can’t run the risk of having a similar website to another company who might be using the same theme. In both cases you’ll need fully custom design.

Why pick this option?

You want to make the most of your online opportunities and have a slightly larger budget. You want a medium-sized professional site with versatile design options and possibly a blog or online shop. You want your site comprehensively SEO-optimised for a range of search terms with a report on how you can climb the search engine rankings. You want managed hosting to know your website and data are in safe hands and will be immediately fixed if anything goes wrong.

Why spend more?

If you want to have a completely unique design created just for you. You don’t like any pre-built themes or do not want to risk another company having a website with the same look and feel as yours.

Custom Website

In terms of service this option is identical to a Theme Based Website – you get the same SEO review and report, unlimited pages, blog, shop and managed hosting included.

Instead of picking a WordPress theme for us to use as the basis for your site, your site will have custom graphic design created just for you. We will create designs and give you options, then develop the one you like the best into a layout and UI kit to create a unique site that reflects your brand perfectly.

Why pick this option?

As well as a comprehensive business service, you want your website to be uniquely designed just for you, and to have more input and control of the design process.

Why spend more?

You either want to hire a particular graphic designer who maybe has a track record in your field, or you want custom functionality that we will code for you.


Back Door Security – Normally a ‘back door’ refers to a file left on a server by a hacker so they can quickly regain access in the future. However in this context we mean disabling the WordPress XML-RPC file, which isn’t used by 99% of websites but provides hackers with way to access your site without going through login security.

CDN – Content Delivery Network – Greatly speeds up your website loading time by holding copies of your website on various servers, and by caching and compressing your website content.

Domain – Your website address e.g. We include the cost of a .org, or .com registration in the website package if you don’t already have a domain.

Hosting – Keeping your website stored on a webserver to be served up to users across the world.

Login Security – Locks IP addresses out after a certain number of failed password attempts, or on trying to guess usernames.

Page Builder – Way of building websites using mainly visual tools rather than code, allowing us to work faster.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – the process of making your website more attractive to Google with the aim of climbing the rankings.

SSL Certificate – Secure Socket Layer Certificate – provides the padlock in the left hand side of the browser address bar. Without an SSL certificate websites will show “not secure” and be penalised by Google.

UI Kit – A basic set of user interface elements for your site – for example headings, buttons, fonts – which are used to build up your unique design.

VPS – Virtual Private Server – a type of server service that avoids you sharing resources with other users, guaranteeing speed and bandwidth for your websites.

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