Promotional Video Services

11 August 2021

Close up of man with video camera. You are looking straight into the lens.

We’ve added a new service to Red Balloon with our promotional video service!

Watch our first promo video

I teamed up with Ashley Cowan of Online Radio School to create our first promotional video, for Archipelago Textiles. After a planning session we did a day filming and another day editing and doing the voiceover (that’s me with the BBC voice), then uploaded to YouTube and IGTV. Check it out:

Why make a video?

There are 2 reasons why making a video can be a huge help to your business:

Convert More Visitors

First of all, websites with videos simply convert much better than websites which don’t. I read a few years ago that putting a video on a homepage increases enquiries by 60%. It makes sense. When you see the person or people from the business in a video rather than just a faceless website, you’re much more likely to do business with them.

Link Building and Outreach

We made this video for Doreen so that we could use it to reach out to bloggers and upholsterers to build links and awareness of what Doreen does, and followed the video with an outreach campaign to promote the video. Doreen has recently started creating bespoke textiles for upholstery and we used this video to build links to her bespoke upholstery fabric page

These days we’re bombarded with information on a daily basis and have very little time for anything that isn’t entertaining. If you want people to pay attention to your brand, and maybe share information about you on their website, blog or social media, you have to create some content worth sharing. Simply “have a look at my website” isn’t enough.

Having seen how useful this video has been in promoting Doreen’s business, I’d now recommend to any business to start off with an interesting video, introducing themselves as people and showing what the business does. Make it entertaining and you have a valuable, shareable commodity which you can use to reach out to your market.

Video – The Future of SEO?

In this video from Exposure Ninja, they discuss the future of SEO and are very certain that the future of SEO is video, comparing having video now to having a website 20 years ago – some business embraced it and some hoped it would pass, but the businesses that don’t get on board fall behind.

Increasingly we expect information in an entertaining and easily digestible format. If yours isn’t, I’ll find some that is. I totally agree with this prediction, video is the future of SEO (YouTube is already the second biggest search engine) and I’ll be recommending video to all businesses as a promotional tool.

Our Video Service

We’ve invested in some extra equipment – including softbox lighting and a shotgun mic – and are offering a 3 to 5 minute video promoting your business for £450. We do a similar format – alternating voiceovers and interviews – with a day’s filming at your place of business.

Why not get the jump on the competition with a professional PR video for your business? To get started, give us a call on 080 048 7608.

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels