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Seth Godin: This is Marketing

19 June 2020

Categories: Reviews and Synopses

Great book. Very interesting, very readable, very enjoyable. Whilst there is a tangible thread through the book, most of the core themes appear again and again and you might feel […]

Front End Suite

18 June 2020

Categories: Coding

Introducing our latest WordPress plugin, the Red Balloon Front End Suite! To get the front end suite, just search “red balloon front end suite” on the WordPress public repository. Front […]

Nudgestock: Patrick Fagan – Cambridge Analytica

14 June 2020

Categories: Digital Marketing, Reviews and Synopses

By far the most interesting talk at this year’s virtual Nudgestock was by Patrick Fagan, ex Cambridge Analytica head psychologist, now partner of Capuchin. You can watch the whole talk […]