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Front End Suite

18 June 2020

Categories: Coding

Introducing our latest WordPress plugin, the Red Balloon Front End Suite! To get the front end suite, just search “red balloon front end suite” on the WordPress public repository. Front […]

Uzma’s Quest: Adding Sound Effects and Music

13 March 2020

Categories: Coding, Uzma's Quest

After revising the software architecture, the next thing I decided to do with Uzma’s Quest was to add sound effects and music. Thanks to HTML5’s <audio> tag and its ability […]

Uzma’s Quest : Thinking About Software Architecture

22 February 2020

Categories: Coding, Uzma's Quest

Looking at the software architecture of Uzma's Quest to create code that can more easily be built upon

A Coder’s View of a Hacked WordPress Site

28 January 2020

Categories: Coding, Hints and Tips, Technical

My client got every web owners worst nightmare when she received this email from her hosters, telling her that her website had been taken offline for containing malicious files: They […]

WordPress Plugin Coding: Custom Dolly

18 January 2020

Categories: Coding, Technical

Custom Dolly is my first WordPress plugin. It extends the Hello Dolly plugin by allowing you to add the lyrics of any song you choose. In this post we’ll go […]

Adding Social Icons to Elementor Menu

9 January 2020

Categories: Coding, Design, Elementor, Hints and Tips

Elementor Pro is great, but one of the things it won’t let you do natively is add your social icons to the menu. We’re going to see how to do […]

97% Performance on Google’s Lighthouse Audit

24 December 2019

Categories: Coding, Technical

I reached 97% on desktops and 96% on mobiles on Google's Lighthouse Audit performance score. These are the steps I took to reach the top scores.

How to code a mobile menu with submenus for WordPress

24 December 2019

Categories: Coding, Technical

When coding a WordPress theme you’re going to need a mobile menu. The difficulty with a WordPress website is that the user might include nested submenus in their mobile menu. […]

The 2 Steps to On-Page SEO

5 November 2019

Categories: Coding, SEO, Technical

Nearly all website owners hope that their site will be well-positioned on Google. For most, this begins with “on-page SEO” or “natural SEO”. On-page SEO simply means all the things […]